Travel Saray

Travel Saray

Travel Saray is the most trusted travel agent in Japanese Buddhist communities, and has escorted thousands of travelers to the holy sites of Buddhism in India, Nepal and other countries for a quarter of a century. We at Travel Saray are a team of well-experienced Buddhism tour professionals who are dedicated to present to our visitors Japan and its long history of Buddhist culture.

We are specialists from Japan based in Osaka and Tokyo.
We offer personalized travel advice in English.
We share a close relationship with major temples in Japan and can ensure personalized service for each client.

We specialize in Buddhist pilgrimages and cultural travel. Our services include holidays in Japan, ready-made packages to suit all budgets and categories, including group tours, cultural tours, shikoku pilgrimages, Buddhist delegations, and individual travelers. The Travel Saray Team will provide you with an exceptional holiday with all the comfort and quality you expect!

Buddhist Tourism

Long ago, Buddhism emerged in India and spread through Gandhāra, China and Korea, finally reaching the far eastern islands of Japan. Mahayana Buddhism introduced in Japan in the 6th century has developed in its own way and influenced our culture and our everyday life. Various sects exist with differing practices and beliefs. We at Travel Saray well understand this variety and complexity, and will assist you in experiencing Japanese Buddhism in its variety and complexity. We offer various programs designed to help you better understand Japanese Buddhism and Japanese culture.

Meaning of “Saray”

“Saray” in Sino-Japanese characters is written as 作禮. The phrase “作禮而去 (Saray-nikō)” Saray Inbound logoconcludes many Buddhist sūtras in Japan and represents gratitude toward a holy place, an expression of obeisance and departure. Saray also in ancient times represented an oasis post-town on the Silk Road, where camel caravans rested during the pilgrimage, thus the phrase “Caravan Saray (Carabanserai).” “Saray” is a place of rest and safety in the oasis of an enormous desert.

We will provide a tour in which people can rest and regain power during the pilgrimage of their life. We will show our gratitude in the Buddhist manner to everyone.

Our Team

We at Travel Saray are a team of well-experienced tourism professionals who are dedicated to presenting Japan to our visitors, with true Japanese hospitality. Let us help you discover the echoes of a unique country and enjoy a truly Japanese holiday. Together let us embark on a journey towards serenity.